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Tribal Thong

Regular price €39,99
Handcrafted in Berlin. Made to order.

This super hot thong is part of our Tribal Romance - Collection and has been designed in exclusive collaboration with Berlin-based brand RAVEMORE.

This is the second version of the thong and it comes with some major improvements. Instead of acrylic glass, we now use vegan leather. This increases the wearing comfort and leads to an increased durability and stability. For more comfort, the sewn-in slider allows you to adjust the size to your preferences. Furthermore, the tribal on the backside of the thong comes from the pen of tattoo artist & DJ consumed1993 and combines the best of both worlds: trashy and at the same time elegant. Unisex of course.

Each individual piece is finely handcrafted on your order, so please be considerate and expect slightly increased delivery times.

Explanation Thong Type:

Dick Version: more space in genital area

Tricot 100% P

Do NOT Machine wash.
Find detailed care instructions on the garment's label.

Production takes up to 2–4 working days before Shipping.

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Produced in Berlin, made to order

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