• Leopard Catsuit
  • Leopard Catsuit
  • Leopard Catsuit
  • Leopard Catsuit

Leopard Catsuit

Regular price €190,00
Handcrafted in Berlin. Made to order.

Introducing the Ultimate Full Body Catsuit: Tailored to Your Desires!

Unleash your inner confidence and elevate your allure with our custom-made Full Body Catsuit. This unique garment is crafted to perfection, designed to fit you like a second skin and ignite your wildest fantasies.

Velvet 100% P

Machine wash at 30°C.
Avoid using bleach.
Do not tumble dry; air dry instead.
Iron inside out at a lower temperature.
Find detailed care instructions on the garment's label.

Production takes up to 2 Week after receiving your Measurement(s) before Shipping.

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Produced in Berlin, made to order

All Handmade by Daijana Lanziner in the vibrant heart of Berlin.

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